I have tried to write this page multiple times, and each time have never been truly happy with it. So this time I'm trying to just write from my heart and hopefully some of my passion of what I'm trying to achieve translates.


Who is Danae Jayde?

I grew up in a coal mining town, the daughter of a coalminer, spending my summers at a beach somewhere on the west coast and my winters staying put playing hockey. My parents raised me with so much belief in what I could achieve that they have always supported my dreams, whether it was going to uni, traipsing off overseas for six months and more recently this venture. I was always told that there was more out there; I guess my mission is to find out just how much more.

People who know me, know that I'm not good at exposing my vulnerable side, I thrive in the chaos and spontaneity of life, living by the motto it will all be okay in the end. On the flip side, I am a perfectionist. I do struggle with this side, which is probably why it has taken me so long to write these few paragraphs.


Why Danae Jayde?

For the five years of high school I studied art and photography planning to then go on and study graphic design in university. At some point I decided that I couldn't be trapped indoors all day and instead ventured into the sciences. 

My mum, and close friends, have pushed me to be more creative over the years and somehow I have resisted, thinking I wasn't in the right head space; however, I still continued to keep up with my photography, in particular while travelling, and built up quite a large collection over the years. Anyone who has traveled with me and waited patiently for me to take a photo, thank you and it was much appreciated.

So skip forward to 2015 and an adventure into the wilds of Java for a girls surf trip and my passion was reignited, not only in taking photos but sharing those moments captured with those in the photos. This is where I came up with the concept of Danae Jayde Photography with the aim to intertwine all my passions, sport, beach, travel and photography into one.


What is Danae Jayde?

While traditional portraits have their place to me they seem slightly contrived and don't capture my true essence. Some of my favourite photos of myself are when I was brushing my teeth on top of a mountain in Bali, having a stranger help me stretch a tight hamstring while walking the Camino in Spain and standing up on my first wave while learning to surf (it may not have been the first but it was the first photo). It are these types of occasions that as Danae Jayde I'm intending to capture, the moments of true joy and achievement.