Below is a small selection of the prints, canvas and photo-book options available. If you have another size or product in mind, do not hesitate to contact DJ directly and a cost will be forwarded. 


4x6" $3.00

5x7" $5.00

6x6" $5.00

6x8" $7.00

8x10" $9.00

11x17" $15.00

16x20" $25.00

18x24" $30.00


8x10" $35.00

11x14" $45.00

10x24" $50.00

16x16" $50.00

16x20" $55.00

24x36" $85.00



6x6" $45.00

6x8" $55.00

8x8" $65.00

10x10" $80.00

8x11" $80.00

12x12" $110.00

11x14" $120.00

Postage not included (if required). All prices are in Australian dollars.

* Either Glossy or Matte finish available.

** Standard canvas mount, thick or thinner mounting is available if required.

*** Based on a 20-page, hardcover, lay-flat book. Additional pages are available in sets of 2, as are different covers (i.e. linen, leatherette, brushed metal etc) and finishes available upon request for an additional price.